Easter Basket Time

Dear Apex Family,
I can't believe Easter is upon us! In just a few short weeks we will celebrate our Risen Savior! How wonderful!
This is also a time when we can show others the hand of Christ through our giving...

We will be doing this through our annual Easter Basket Drive. If you and/or your house church would like to provide an Easter food basket to a family (families) please email Nan Caldwell @ nancy726@hotmail.com or call/text her at 461-3549

You will be given details of the family or families and provide them with an easter meal and anything else you see fit!

EASTER (and the Apex Sunrise Service) is on April 24, 2011.
Baskets will be delivered the week of April 18 so they would need to be ready for pick up or delivery (whatever works for you) by April 17/18.

Please let me know if you have questions or how many families you want to sponsor!
Your dedication and commitment to serving is greatly appreciated!

In Him,

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