Summer Gathering

Hello Apex Family,

Hope this finds you having a peaceful week. As you know, this weekend would typically be the time for our monthly Gathering. However, we wanted to let you know of a change in schedule for the next few months. As of now, the plan is to consolidate June and July Gatherings into one on Friday evening June 25th (details to follow later). This is due in part to the travels of many in July, due to the camping trip next weekend and especially b/c Celia Citizen has been working hard with some of our kids on a new 'God's Kids' musical that will be performed that Friday night the 25th. We thought it would be very cool and meaningful to center our time around that event!

Thanks for your understanding in advance, as schedule changes can be difficult. But, the hope is that we can all get together to commune with God, hang out with each other, share a meal (of course) while both supporting and learning from our kids.

So there will be no official Gathering until then and none in July, but hopefully plenty chances to be together informally all summer. Details will come re: specific time on 6/25, location (likely at the Peterson home) and as to what to bring - so please look for that and save the date!

Until then...

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