Summer Gathering 6/25

Hello Apex Family,

It's Monday, so we should probably having something to look forward to - Apex can help with that! This coming TGIF, June 25th, we would like to invite you to gather with us at the Peterson home (8339 Mountain Destiny Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89131) at 6:30pm as we join Friday night HC for a summer celebration. Celia Citizen has been pouring into some of our kids and they have developed a God's Kids musical to share with our community. They have worked very hard (today was the final rehearsal), and are learning a bunch about God and about being together in His name. Please come and let our kids teach us, encourage us and lead us to worship. The plan will be to gather around a potluck meal (bring a dish and drinks for your family) and then to enjoy the God's Kids show at about 8:00pm. And remember, this is the Gathering for both June and July due to summertime craziness.

It should be a fun night, and there could be faces old and new in the house. Most of all, it is an opportunity to get together and celebrate that we belong to a Father who loves us beyond what we could know, that we are all His kids and that nothing matters more than this!

Have a blessed week until then...

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