Christmas Room Donations

Dear Apex Family,
I am sorry this is delayed in getting to you but I wanted to send out HUGE thank yous for a successful season of donations and support.
Attached are pictures of the "Santa" room that was set up for families to do their Christmas Shopping for the kids and it was a monumental success! The feedback I have received and witnessed myself was overwhelming!

Here are a few:

"Muchas Gracias! for the gift card - it helped to make my Christmas merry!!!" - Jessica

"The Santa room is so nice. I REALLY appreciate it!"

"There was not going to be any gifts this year until now!"

"Thank you so much!!!"

From my co-worker, Alyssa:

One of my teen girls got to pick out gifts for younger siblings and really enjoyed the room. She left with the gifts very excited and said “I feel like Santa Claus!”

"I haven't had a Christmas gift in 3 Christmases since my dad died."

I am sure there are SO many more that I haven't even heard. I don't know how many families shopped because workers could take their families in as they chose. But, I do know that at least 25 teens/families received gift cards of $10 - $40!

What an amazing God we serve and I am hopeful that each person who received your donations felt God's love overwhelm them and continue to overwhelm them into 2011!

Thank you again for your support and generosity!
Nan Caldwell

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