Easter Morning

Hello Apex Family,

As you know, Easter is this coming Sunday, April 4th, so in keeping with tradition we will be having our Sunrise service at Lone Mountain Park (at the west end of Craig Rd.)! It looks like sunrise is to be at 6:23 am, so let's get together at around 6:00 am or just after in the little half-circle amphitheater at the north end of the park. We'll quietly reflect and celebrate the Resurrection together as the sun comes up.

Afterward, we will convene just down Craig road to Conough, at the Carder Ranch, as they have again graciously offered to host a potluck breakfast. Amy has mentioned in past years that people can drop off food at the house prior to the service if desired.

So, bring your coffee and a dish to share and we'll enjoy being together with the risen Christ among us.

In the meantime, have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week!

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