October Gathering Details

Dear Apex Family,

Here are the follow up datails for the Gathering:

We will meet on Sunday around 11:45 am at the following location:

Centennial Point Subdivision
Located off Grand Teton

95 North
Exit Durango and go Left
Turn Right on Oso Blanco
Left on Elkhorn
Right on TeePee
Left on Grand Teton
Right into Centennial Point Subdivision


RIght inside the gate is a park where we will meet.
Katrina lives just around the corner.

We will all meet at the park. Around noon - some of us will go to Katrina's and clean/repair
Others will remain at the park with the kids and supervise/play with them. If you have a preference, please email a response only to me so that I can make certain we have adults in each place.

I will be bringing the cleaning supplies but I need a couple of additional buckets if possible.

Please come or bring your kids already having had lunch. However, there will be drinks and snacks available at both locations.

IN ADDITION: if anyone wants to make a freezer meal for the family to have - that would be great. Although they have adaquate resources for food, they are not able to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals at the present just because they are weak, etc. It would be a nice treat for them to be stocked with meals they can just pop in the oven or microwave and eat...just a thought.

LASTLY: Katrina and the kids will not be present while we are there. Portia will be there resting and recovering. Jeff will be bringing some tools to make a couple of minor repairs. The rest of us will just be scrubbing. As you are moving throughout the home, feel free to silently pray up the house for their health, safety and relationship with our Lord!

Thanks for all your support. Please email or call me with questions - 461-3549.

See you all Sunday!

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