August Gathering

Hello Apex Family,

So, there has been a 'play called at the line of scrimmage' (if you will) and a last minute change of plans for the weekend.

Please note that Friday night HC would like to host a BBQ Sunday night 8/9 (that's tomorrow) at 5pm at Tommy and Meghann Peterson's house - 8339 Mountain Destiny Ave., LV, NV, 89131.
Please bring a side to share and drinks for your family. We will still put together backpacks for kids, pray some together and possibly have a little worship time - and of course eat and catch up with each other. Feel free to call Meghann with any questions - 325-5065.

This replaces the prior plan to meet at Christ Lutheran Church. However, we will gather there next week to honor the memory of Tom Citizen and to be with his family and friends.

Thanks again for your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience b/c of the changes. Hope to see you there Sunday!

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