September 13th Gathering

Hi Everybody,

Linda and I apologize for the late notice but the Stoddards' had a computer crash this week.

Areopagus will be hosting this months gatherning on Sunday the 13th of September at 4405 Flowerdale Court. Please come and join us 11AM to 3PM for swimming and relaxing; barbequeing and eating. The pool should be about 86 degrees which Linda has determined to be the perfect temperature for whatever water activity you choose.

Entree for Adults and kids will be provided along with water to drink. Please bring your favorite beverage and if you choose a pot luck side dish or dessert.

We would appreciate as many of you that can RSVP us by Saturday so we can have some idea of how much Barbeque food to prepare,,,,

A reminder to bring your swim suits, towels, sun screen along with your appetites.

Our address is 4405 Flowerdale Court, Las Vegas, NV, 89103 - email nevjef@aol.com.

We hope to see you all this Sunday!

Jeff & Linda Stoddard

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