Good Morning Apex Family! Hope this finds you enjoying your weekend!

Thus far, we have 28 people confirmed to go camping with us - there is still space for others to join if you still would like to attend for one night, both nights, or just for the day...

The details are:
Mt. Charleston, Hilltop campground. Sites are #9 and 10 - right next to one another.

Dates are June 12-14
Price per family for the camping will be about $16 (subject to change depending on # of families). The $16 is for both nights so if you are only attending one night it is $8.
If this is an issue or prevents you from attending, please let me know! We will make arrangements.

It has also been decided that the June Apex Gathering will take place on the Mountain during this time. The plans will be for the Gathering to be on SATURDAY June 12 at the above-listed campsite. Gathering time will be around 2pmish. We will plan to have a time of communion and prayer together.

If you want to join the days festivities with the campers, we will likely be hiking in AM prior to lunch - around 9 or 10 am; and then having lunch around 12 or 1pm.

If you plan to join for lunch, please let me know and so I can include you in the meal planning - or just bring a picnic lunch for your family.

PLEASE RSVP to Nancy - (nancy726@hotmail.com) if you want to attend with the # of people who will be going with you.
I will send a separate email to those I have confirmed for camping with meal planning info once I have the list complete - later this week for sure.

Looking forward to a fun weekend!
Nan Caldwell

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