Backpacks Filled with Love and Prayers

Good Morning Apex Family,

Our BACK-TO-SCHOOL backpack drive was another HUGE success....we were able to provide 25 kids with complete backpacks and school supplies for their year.

Please pray for these kids, all the teachers and our kids as they began their school year yesterday.
Pray that each time these kids reach for their backpack or school supply that they feel God's hand on them. And pray for them to have a kid that befriends them that is a lover of Jesus who can show them that love. And pray for our own kids to be that friend and lover of Jesus to all the kids they come into contact with. And that our schools are filled with teachers who know Jesus and love Him too; and extend that love and kindness to all the kids!

Have a great day.
Thanks for loving the kids in my office. They were all so pleased with their treasures.
In Him,
Nan Caldwell

PS - here are the names of the kids if you want to pray by first name:

Lindsay (10)
Cierra (9)
Skye (6)
Elijah (7)
Stephanie (9)
KG (9)
TG (10)
Rosie (11)
Alexis (8)
John (13)
Deyvionn (8)
DeySauni (6)
Darian (8)
Hunter (16)
Tyler (13)
Kwame (12)
Kwave (11)
Kwavon (9)
Donovan (16)
Mathew (10)
Mickael (5)
Anna (6)
Tyvon (11)
Matt (10)

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