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Gathering 5/17/09 – Prayer Guide

Begin by asking God to clear your mind and inviting Him to commune with you…

Take some time for confession and the asking of forgiveness…

Spend a few minutes in praise, adoration and thanksgiving…

-Lift up His names, His gifts, His attributes and His promises

Allow yourself to look around and find Him in the beauty of the creation that He molded for you…

Enter a time of intercession and request regarding…

-His work in the world and Kingdom at large

-The hurting, grieving, ill, lost and broken in your sphere

of influence

-Your “enemies” – those who have harmed you, have

betrayed you and taken you for granted – ask for the

love and humility to lift them up and forgive them

-His movement and mission in our city and through the

Church of Las Vegas

-The health, purpose and growth of our Apex community

-The leading and deepening of your House Church

-God’s protection and presence in your own family and


-His daily bread for you today as you seek to be the

hands, feet and voice of Christ

-The cry and desires of you heart

Be still and take a few moments to listen for and to Him…

Go and take communion – depart in Spirit and in power, knowing that you have a community to journey with, that you are loved by the Father, and that Christ has been raised in you…

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