Easter 2013

Hello Apex Family, Well, the sun is around longer, it’s heating up quickly and there are signs of new life around us, that means (at least in LV) that Easter is just around the corner. That also means that it is time to gather our community together as a whole and celebrate our risen Christ! So, mark your calendars for our annual Sunrise Service and breakfast gathering. Here are the details: Date: Sunday, March 31st Time: Just before 6:15 am (sunrise is 6:28 - early, but about 15 minutes later than least year:) Place: Lone Mountain Park (at the west end of Craig Road). We will meet at the little stone half-circle/amphitheater on the northern side of the park. We'll then dismiss to a soon to be disclosed location - watch your email for details! What: A simple time of being together, of reflection, of communing and of prayer. Followed by a potluck-style breakfast hang out. (We’ve gotta eat together, that’s what we do!) To bring: Yourself and family, your coffee:), a blanket/jacket, a dish or side to share and your thankfulness for being loved by the living God. It will be a great morning to be The Church together! We hope to see you there. Please forward this message on to anyone that may have been missed on the list. More info. to follow in the next week or so – until then…

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