September Gathering

Hello Apex Family,

So, it's Thursday, do you need something to look forward to this weekend? Well, we've got something. Please join us at the Nyberg Casa (6345 Edna) for a get together this Sunday, September 25th at 12pm. There are a few of our younger Apexers who have decided to dedicate their lives to Christ and we get to celebrate baptism with them! Please join us for one of the simplest, but most profound events that we can share together as a community of believers - this is the good stuff.

Grilled meats and bottles of water will be provided, just bring a side to share and any other drinks you may want for your family. Don't hesitate to email back with any questions that you may have or if you or someone you know is also interested in baptism.

Thanks - Hope to see you this Sunday!

Until then...

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